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"Everybody has to believe in something.
I believe I'll have another drink." --W.C. Fields
"I belive I'll join you" -- Rev. Beergoggles

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And now for the BEER.

My pub of choice is Tapwerks although their webpage stinks the beer is overpriced and the patrons aren't near rowdy enough it's still a good place to tie one on.

Beers-  This list will grow slowly as I peel labels from bottles and myself from the bar floor.

      Alas quite a few of my beers come from the tap, so labels aren't gonna cut it now are they.  The pub frowns on my snagging taps.
Mexican Pacifico A good smooth drinking beer that's just slightly better than warm piss and not quite as alcoholic.  If your searching for a cheap buzz this isn't the beer for you.  Unless your anemic.  Goes well with a lime.  Goes better with a long tall blond. OK+
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade..

For the unknowing, OK+ means the beer is (supposedly) higher than 3.2% in Oklahoma.  I think of it as a good warning sign as any beer that bows to this states ridiculous beverage laws has lost all hope.

Some locally available beers:
 Australia % Color Brew BEERMETER
Cooper's Sparkling Ale 5.8% Pale Ale
Fosters Lager 4.9% Pale Lager
Two Dog's Rasberry 4.2% Pale Ale
 Belgium % Color Brew BEERMETER Comments
Abbaye De Floreffe DoubleCuvee 7.0% Dark Trappiste Ale Dunno.  Got that soap taste to me.
Bellevue Framboise 5.2% Amber Lambic
Bellevue Kriek 5.2% Pale Lambic
Chimay Cinq Cents 8.0% Pale Trappiste Ale
Chimay Premier 7.0% Amber Trappiste Ale
Hoegaarden White 5.0% Pale Wheat I like Konig Ludwig Weiss just a smidge better
Leffe Blond 6.6% Pale Wheat
Lindeman's Framboise 4.0% Amber Lambic DAMN, this is as close to CoolAid as beer can get!
Lindeman's Kriek 4.0% Amber Lambic DAMN, this is as close to CoolAid as beer can get!
Lindeman's Peche 4.0% Amber Lambic DAMN, this is as close to CoolAid as beer can get!
Pauwel Kwak 8.0% Amber ?
Triple Karmeliet 8.0% Pale ?

Canada % Color Brew
China % Color Brew
Czech Republic % Color Brew
Denmark % Color Brew
France % Color Brew
Germany % Color Brew


Did I mention that if your looking here for an impartial and painstaking meticulous diatribe on the fermented grains of the world that you are hopelessly daft.
Free YOUR mind from being trapped.

I don't like spam and firmly belive the only good spammer is a dead one.

Thank you fellow antispammers

Hey.. I have another idea.  Mustnotakilledthatbraincell yet.  woo hoo..

It's COASTERS baby.. nothing but COASTERS..  Yea.. them little pieces of cardbordy goodness that keep sticking to the bottom of your beer and ensure the collected beersweat is properly transported to your lap.

Single Sided
Brewing Company Coasters
The Great GUINNESS Toast.
Be there or be sober. :)
If your having mooshead 
your grabbin antler.
DomestICK Coasters
OOOO Recycle symbols are
so sexy on a beer.  BEER epitomizes
the recycle process.
Bar Coasters


Australia Foster's Lager 4.90% Pale
Belgium Lindeman's Framboise 4.00% Amber
Belgium Lindeman's Kriek 4.00% Amber
Belgium Lindeman's Peche 4.00% Amber
Belgium Hoegaarden White 5.00% Pale
Belgium Leffe Blond 6.60% Pale
Belgium Abbaye De Floreffe DoubleCuvee 7.00% Dark
Canada Labatt Blue 5.00% Pale
Canada Mooshead 5.00% Pale
Czech Pilsner Urquell 4.40% Pale
Germany Beck's Original 4.70% Pale
Germany Bitburger Premium Pils 4.80% Pale
Germany Warsteiner 4.80% Pale
Germany Beck's Dark 4.80% Dark
Germany Paulaner Premium Lager 4.90% Pale
Germany Warsteiner Premium Dunkle 4.90% Dark
Germany Erdinger Weisbier 5.00% Pale
Germany Franziskaner Hefe-Weizen 5.00% Pale
Germany Spaten Pils 5.00% Pale
Germany Spaten Premium Lager 5.20% Pale
Germany Konig Ludwig Weiss 5.40% Pale
Germany Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weisse 5.50% Amber
Germany Paulaner Hefe-Weizen 5.60% Pale
Germany Hacker-Pschorr Weisse 5.70% Pale
Germany Franziskaner Alt Brown 5.70% Amber
Germany Paulaner Octoberfest 5.80% Amber
Germany Spaten Optimator Ur-Marzen 6.00% Amber
Germany Paulaner Salvator Dopplebock 7.50% Dark
Germany Spaten Optimator Dopplebock 7.50% Dark
Ireland Guinness Stout 4.00% Dark
Ireland Beamish Stout 4.10% Dark
Ireland Murphy's Irish Stout 4.30% Dark
Ireland Murphy's Irish Amber 5.00% Amber
Mexico Dos Equis Amber Lager 5.00% Amber
Netherlands Amstel Lite 3.50% Pale
Netherlands Heineken Lager 5.00% Pale
United Kingdom Tennent's Scottish Lager 4.00% Pale
United Kingdom Bass Ale 4.50% Amber
United Kingdom Fuller's 4.70% Amber
United Kingdom John Courage 4.70% Amber
United Kingdom McEwan's India Pale Ale 4.70% Amber
United Kingdom Newcastle Brown Ale 4.70% Amber
United Kingdom Boddington's Pub Ale 4.80% Pale
United Kingdom Fuller's 4.80% Amber
United Kingdom Harp Lager 5.00% Pale
United Kingdom Fuller's London Porter 5.40% Dark
United Kingdom Whitbread Pale Ale 5.70% Amber
United Kingdom Fuller's 5.90% Amber
United Kingdom Fuller's 5.90% Amber
United Kingdom Blackthorn Dry Cider 6.00% Pale
USA Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat 3.71% Pale
USA Boulevard Pale Ale 3.89% Amber
USA Leinenkugel Honey-Wheat 4.00% Pale
USA Pyramid Coastline Ale 4.20% Pale
USA Leinenkugel Red 4.20% Amber
USA Boulevard Dry Stout 4.21% Dark
USA Boulevard Bully! Porter 4.35% Dark
USA Shiner Blonde 4.40% Pale
USA Shiner Bock 4.41% Dark
USA Rolling Rock Extra Pale 4.50% Pale
USA Samuel Adam's Bosten Lager 4.75% Amber
USA Anchor Steam Beer 4.80% Amber
USA Ace Pear Cider 5.00% Pale
USA Pete's Strawberry Blonde 5.00% Pale
USA Pyramid Apricot Ale 5.10% Pale
USA Rouge Golden Ale 5.10% Pale
USA Pyramid Draught Pale Ale 5.10% Amber
USA Pyramid Hefe-Weizen 5.20% Pale
USA Rogue Yellow Snow 5.20% Pale
USA Rougue Shakespear Stout 5.20% Dark
USA Pete's Wicked Ale 5.30% Amber
USA Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.60% Amber
USA Anchor Porter 5.70% Dark
USA Anchor Liberty Ale 5.90% Amber
USA Samuel Adam's Hardcore Cider 6.20% Pale
USA Rouge Dead Guy Ale 6.60% Amber
USA Pyramid India Pale Ale 6.70% Amber
USA Anchor Old Foghorn 10.00% Dark

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