Do you have a dim bulb?

or more precisely does your Jeep have a dim bulb?

Bulbs tend to melt contacts over time.  Especially the 2037 style dual contact bulbs.
Yes, they are cheap to replace, but why if you don't have to (or more accurately if you don't have one to replace it with)
Take a look at this bulb.  Notice the pits where the connectors should be round. Most of the time this is why your rear lamps are looking a bit shabby.  If this type of situation continues you will melt the bulb holder.  A far more expensive repair than simply fixing or replacing a bad bulb.  Bulbs like any wearable item should be checked every year or so.  Just a simple walk-around at night will let you know if every thing is ok.  The one thing to remember applies to the halogen bulbs more than these, but never handle a bulb with greasy fingers and NEVER touch a halogen bulb with your fingers PERIOD.

Take Mr. Soldering iron and melt in a tiny bit of solder to reform the contacts.  Yep, that's my UNGAR 9100 Solder station.  Overkill for most folks but I work on a lot of custom electronics so it sees plenty of use.
Here is what the holes look like when fixed.  You need just a touch of new solder to get the pads to flow back.  Too much and the contacts will not work properly.

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