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Hard at work so I can go play.

In cubes we are destined to dwell.
It's the office of Dilbert from hell.
We get fed once a day,
in the same boring way
BRB, I just heard the bell.
Geeeeeeeeeek at work!

  Stereo System
  Rear Power Outlet
  Boost Gauge
  LED Sidemount Turnsignals?
  Banks Header (17 Apr 2004)
  Supercharger isolator (spider) (24 Apr 2004)

  Replace your unibelt
  Replace your distributor
  Repair that dang bulb.
  Rear Lamp Failure
  Harmonic Balancer. (19 Mar 2004)
  A/C Fix for water in passenger footwell
  Headlight Replacement (Right unit only for now)
  Swaybar Problems.
   Front Anti-Sway Bar (14 Mar 2004)
   Rear Anti-Sway Bar
   Motor and Tranny Mounts (25 Dec 2004)
   CRAPOLINE! (25 Dec 2004)
   Joint Replacement! (NEW! 18 Sep 2006)
Fuel Pressure Regulator Rebuild (NEW! 7 Feb 2009)

  Engine Codes
  Sensor Diagnostics
  Diagnose that CPS Sensor
  Rough Idle (4.0l Throttle Body)

  The distributor stator

GibsonHear the Gibson Muffler

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Unfortunately some loosers at Daimler Chrysler decided to sue a friends website into obscurity.  www.hardcorejeep.com owned by Mr. Collier was ripped from his possession by legal threat from DC, a legal threat Mr. Coller had no financial means of defending against.  Way to go Daimler Chrysler, you have earned a place in history as a litigious company that attacks a simple offroader that was providing a valuable reference site. Porn?  Have you ever advertised inPlayBoy or Penthouse?Sponsored any concerts?>>>Before pointing fingers one should check their own house.<<<

In conclusion, I don't believe Ms. Berry dlb34@daimlerchrysler.com acted in a fair and ethical manner in dealing with hardcorejeep.com and it's owner Mr. Collier. If any one at DC wishes to disagree with me and provide proof to the contrary I will retract that particular portion of my statement. Otherwise it will remain on my site for as long as I live. And to answer your question; Yes, I do have the means to defend my right to freedom of speech.

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